'Our World' Poems

This week in English, the children have been learning about senses poetry.  They have been thinking about similes and adjectives to add descriptive detail to their work.  We have taken inspiration from our world as this fits perfectly with our current IPC topic.  The children have written their own poems which you can find below.

I am very impressed with all of the children and their effort to create their own poems.


Our World
I feel sand as soft as fur.
I feel the wet water.
I see the clouds.
I see the bright sun.
I smell delicious fish and chips.
I smell sausages.
I hear the waves.
I hear splashes.


Our World
I see a dark night as dark as coal.
I see long birds flying over my head as tall as a tree.
I see a red fox as red as an apple.
I see snow as white as a polar bear.
I see a tree as tall as a mountain range.
I see a squirrel in the snow.
I see a dark bird in the snow.
I see a majestic deer.


Our World
I see Big Ben.
I see the Houses of Parliament.
I see fast boats on the river.
I see people walking in the snow.
I see big red buses.
I see massive hotels.
I see big lights.
I see the massive buildings.
I see the nice cars.


Our World
I see a field as beautiful as a patchwork quilt.
I see a fluffy cloud as white as snow.
I see the sun rising as wonderful as a picture.
I see houses as pretty as a golden block.
I see the sunset as orange as an orange.
I see a wave as big as a blue whale.
I see a tree as big and as wobbly as a witch’s hat.


Our World
I see amazing swings.
I see trees as tall as a giant.
I see a dog as cute as a person.
I see a train as long as a snake.
I can see fluffy clouds as white as the snow.
I can see a car zooming as fast as a racing car.
I can see a house as tall as a tree.
I see a leaf as green as the grass.
I see an enormous crash outside my house.
I see a huge fire it’s so red, yellow and blue.
I see a sleigh fly past my window. It is as bright as Rudolph’s nose.


Our World
I see pretty seashells.
I see some noisy, greedy seagulls.
I see a wonderful tall tree growing.
I see fluffy clouds as lights as a feather.
I see snow as white as toothpaste.
I see flowers as small as a snail.
I see the sunset as bright as a sunflower.
I see a rainbow as bright as the sun.
I see an owl as brown as a log.
I see a black pen as black as the sky.
I see bright, gold earrings as bright as gold.
I see buildings as big as a giant.
I see a mouldy old shell as smelly as rotten eggs.


Our World
I see a big white shooting star.
I hear a big white airplane.
I see a tall dragon as green as the grass.
I see white fluffy ice as white as the clouds.
I can see fluffy white snow.
I can see wing blowing as hard as a tree.
I can see a tree as tall as a mountain.


Our World
I see big, blue waves as tall as a tree.
I hear birds cheeping in the sky like a beautiful choir.
I touched the shiny, yellow sand which was as bright as a gem.
I smell yummy ice cream as red as a rose.
I see clouds a white as snow.
I hear big grown ups as loud as thunder.
I touched the soft, green grass which was as soft as marshmallows.
I smell brown bacon.  It smells as hot as fire.


Our World
I see the beautiful, magical sunset going past me like a winter wonderland.
I hear the whooshing of the shimmering, sparkling, blue ocean like the twinkling of the bells saying Christmas is here.
I smell the smell of freezing, lovely strawberry ice cream like the fresh snow just fallen from the sky.
I see a brown, wonky palm tree as tall as a mountain.


Our World
I hear cheeping, tweeting birds like a chuckling baby.
I hear crunchy, crumpling leaves.
I hear a gigantic, nasty storm like a snow storm.
I hear noisy, gigantic boulders rolling down the hill.
I hear shaky, quiet trees.


Our World
I see a big brown owl as big as a tree.
I see a long bird as big as a ship.
I see a big, strong guerrilla as big as a bus.
I see a big tree standing as tall as a mountain.
I see a small tree as small as a snowflake.
I see snow as thick as a tree.
I see trees as white as snow.
I see a piece of ice as clear as glass.


Our World
I see a beautiful butterfly flying as quietly as a mouse.
I see green pretty grass growing all the time.
I see wonderful bees making honey with their family.
I see clouds as white as snow.
I see trees with no leaves on them.
I see snow falling from the sky.
I see ice all over the floor.
I see bushes getting snowed on.
I see trees that are all bendy.
I see trees and bushes with icicles on them.
I see gigantic trees.


Our World
I see a huge wave taller than me.
I see a great magical sand castle.
I smell the salty fish and chips.
I see the sky as blue as the sea.
I taste the yucky sea water in my mouth.
I see the trees in the distance as tall as mountains.
I see the sunset as beautiful as a sunflower.

Year 2 Shared Writing

Our World

I see a brown, wavy tree standing as tall as a mountain.
I see beautiful, green fields stretched out like a patchwork quilt.
I see wonderful, fluttery butterflies flying past as quietly as a shooting star.
I see a pretty, golden sunset as bright as a sunflower.

Amélie's lovely pillowcase

Amélie brought her lovely pillowcase in to school to show her friends.  As the children are thinking about 'Our World' she brought it in as it depicts a world map and also clearly identifies the wonders of the world.  Amélie is having lots of fun with this as she is able to add her own colour, but was also able to explain some of the landmarks to her friends.

Thank you Amélie for bringing this in to share with us.


Tree Time!

The children have spent some time this afternoon out in our lovely school grounds looking closely at trees.  We have looked at the different textures of bark and completed some bark rubbings and have drawn some leaves looking carefully at their shapes.  This forms part of the learning for the 'Our World' IPC topic and will provide useful information for some tree collages tomorrow.


Please could I ask that you check all of your child's uniform.  We are looking for a couple of lost items, including a winter coat, which we are eager to return to the right children.

Many thanks for your help and cooperation.

Art and Nature

Continuing with our IPC topic 'Our World', the children have enjoyed creating some of their own artwork inspired by nature.  We have looked at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy and have used this as inspiration for our own work.  In the woods, the children have created their own masterpieces of fairy houses, a butterfly and a heart.  They realised that this was much harder than they had first thought, as due to the season, nature didn't always provide the colours and resources that they were initially looking for.  The children worked well in their groups and were creative in their approach to creating their own natural art.

Here are a few pictures of our children and their work.

'Our World' Entry Point

The children in Years 1 and 2 have thoroughly enjoyed the start of their new IPC topic, 'Our World'.  Having got well wrapped up, we headed out into our beautiful school grounds to explore the natural environment around us.  Following a discussion about what 'Our World' could mean, the children were encouraged to try and find unusual views and notice parts of their surroundings that they have perhaps not considered before.  The children made excellent use of their iPads in order to capture the elements of nature that they found particularly interesting.  They were also asked to think about the patterns, colours and textures that they could see.

We are now full of enthusiasm to continue the topic further!

Here are some of the lovely pictures that we took.



Fun in Computing

Year 2 have been enjoying the current computing project - making their own 'Space Invaders' style game using the Sketch Nation app on our iPad's.  

This week they were looking at the more advanced settings and have created their own backgrounds, main character and enemies and even composed their own sounds to go along with the game!